Projects from Summer

Enjoyed a brief summer vacation then went right back to work—and plenty of work continues to stream in:

Completed copywriting of Homearama 2009 flyer and signs for K Homes, with additional copyediting of content in the Homearama magazine

Completed initial Web site creation, management, and copywriting for Powder Processing Solutions, with additional work proceeding on search engine optimization and site tweaking

Completed Web site copywriting and copyediting for Hewitt Software Development

Completed copywriting of a marketing flyer and continue to work on software documentation and other writing projects for HealthBridge

Completed tagline creation for Home Energy Checkup

Completed editing the Summer 2009 edition of Class Notes in Lafayette College’s Alumni News and continue working on the Fall edition

Completed a book edit for an author

Began a book edit for another author

Writing, editing, Web site creation, search engine optimization, blogging, book doctoring, and marketing—if you need it, I can provide it quickly, on spec, and at attractive rates.