Don’t Sell the Cow!

One of the most glaring issues I encounter with those seeking a new or improved Web presence is the tendency to oversell. Occasionally,  a client wants a Web site to tell potential customers everything they believe a prospect needs to know.This runs counter to the old aphorism:

Why buy the cow when you can have the milk for free?

Old, yes, but still true. Web sites that are not intended as end-user retail sites (e.g,, often give a customer too much info, failing to close the sale while providing the customer all the facts needed to ask better questions of a competitor. The result is a lost sale.

A smart copywriter works with clients to keep it simple. A smarter one draws customers into a unique client story, one that leads thirsty prospects to figuratively ask, “How can I get some of your delicious milk?”

Remember: Hire a writer who will help you sell the milk, not the cow.